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Vote for GPG in Alibi's "Best Of Burque" 2012

Take a second right now, will you?

bob-480x124It's time for the 2012 "Best Of Burque" awards from the Alibi!  Thank you so very much for your support in 2010 and 2011.  It would mean a lot to me, personally, if you could continue to support GPG in 2012.  If you like GPG, and you've ever wondered what you could do to give back, please take just a moment to cast your vote for "Guerrilla Photo Group" in the "Best Ongoing Arts Event" (#59) and "Best Totally Free Activity You Can Only Do Here" (#37) categories. Voter registration is a breeze.  Once registered, if you click on the drop-down menu at the bottom, you'll see the "ARTS AND LIT" voting section.

Additionally, if you're feeling particularly kind, please consider voting for me as this year's "Best Photographer."  As many of you know, I've been focusing a great deal on providing quiality photography education this year.  I would be extremely pleased if you would also write me into the "Best Anything We Forgot" category as "Educator." You have to vote for several items (20) in order for your ballot to be counted (but don't put the same thing down more than 5x, or the ballot gets disqualified!)

There are no prizes to be won, only a nifty plaque for the studio (and braggin' rights.)  I'd love to invite you to the all-expense-paid rooftop victory party in Vegas, but alas, all I can do is say "thank you" truly, for your support.  I hope that good Karma is enough.  :-)  Take a second right now, would you please?

Here's the link:

If you're feeling stumped, you might also consider these items in other categories:

#10 Best Sport Played in Town : WAKA Kickball
#19 Best Festival Or Parade : ABQ Pride
#23 Best Haunted Place : Parque Central
#30 Best Thing About Albuquerque : Weather
#34 Best View : Sandia Peak
#36 Best Tradition : Dia De Los Meurtos Parade
#37 Best Totally Free Activity You Can Only Do Here : Guerrilla Photo Group
#42 Best Art Exhibition : "Affection" by Guerrilla Photo Group @ Hydra Gallery

#44 Best Museum : New Mexico Museum of Natural History & Science

#46 Best Theater Space : KiMO Theater
#50 Best Photographer : Rip Williams
#57 Best Zine : Alibi
#59 Best Ongoing Arts Event : Guerrilla Photo Group
#63 Best Locally Made Condiment : Sadie's Salsa
#72 Best Gay Bar : Effex
#80 Best Bar Decor : Burt's Tiki Lounge
#86 Best Men's Apparel : Dressed To Kill
#96 Best Sexy Shop : Self Serve
#113 Best Massage Therapist : Josh White, Por Vida Therapeutics
#118 Best Laundromat : Harold's
#128 Best Piercing Shop : Evolution
#137 Best Anything We Forgot : Educator, Rip Williams

Thank you.  Thank you!
One final thing:  If you feel that it's merited, would you be willing to share this with your friends and colleagues?  Your recommendation means so much!  Click the easy icons below to share to Facebook, Digg, Twitter and more!

All the best,

Rip Williams Photography (website)
500 2nd St. SW
Suite # 9
Albuquerque, NM 87102 (map)
Cell: (505) 681-RIP1 (...that's "7471" if you have a fancy phone.)
Skype: ripwilliamsphotography


Voted "Albuquerque's Best Photographer" two years running! - Alibi Magazine (2010, 2011)
Specializing in modern commercial, fashion and lifestyle imagery.

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