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Our friends over at SmugMug.com have put together a nifty program for supporting grass-roots photography groups like GPG.  They call it "SmugMug User Groups" or SMUG's.  GPG is now officially participating in the program!  Once a month we get a small budget to do something fun (location, food, etc.)  Once each quarter we get the opportunity to bring in a guest lecturer!  Sooo.. 

Run, do not walk and join the official SMUG Albuquerque group here:



From their website:

"Do you dream in megapixels? Would you consider giving up a kidney for a Canon 5D Mark II?  You're not weird. You're one of us. And we think you'd fit right in at a SmugMug User Group (SMUG), a mug-to-mug gathering of photographers like you.

A SMUG is a place where you can learn, teach and meet up with other photographers who share your passion. It's also how we can tell you what's happening in our world and discover what's happening in yours. SMUGs are a great way to connect with other photographers and add a few weapons to your creative arsenal.

Things to Expect at a SMUG

  • You Learn: Guest speakers will light up the room with their wisdom for shooting great images and making money with photography.
  • You Talk: Make contacts and connect with other pros in the know. Monthly meetings set the stage for infinite opportunities.
  • We Listen: SMUG leaders stay in close contact with SmugMug and share your requests and gripes with our team. We also love photography as much as you, so be prepared to spot a Smugger at your local meeting.

Things You Will Never Do

  • Open your wallet: Save your money for new gear. SMUGs are free.
  • Sign up for anything: There are no commitments, no requirements and no vacation timeshare offers here.
  • Hold hands and sing Kumbayah: We love ya... but not that much.

Things to bring to a SMUG

  • Friends. Relatives. Strangers.
  • Ideas: Good. Bad. Crazy.
  • Toys: Make us drool.
  • You: Drop in. Talk shop.

Sounds a lot like Guerrilla Photo Group, no? :-)

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