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Field Trip FAQ

Written by Rip Williams. Posted in FAQs

So... you want to organize an "official" GPG field trip, do you?  Groovy.

Q: Why organize a field trip?
A: GPG happens in the studio most of the time.  Maybe you want to get a few people together for a location shoot.  Awesome.  Alternately, perhaps you want to submit images to one of the numerous art shows we produce each year (all images must be shot at GPG or an official field trip.  See the photography show submission guidelines for details.)

Q: What constitutes an "official" field trip?
A: Four things.  First, you need to be a member of Guerrilla Photo Group (yes, that means joining the website, etc.)  Second, you must openly invite all GPG members with at least 48 hours notice (read on to see how.)  Third, you must get five GPG members together for the field trip. (So inviting GPG members to join you in Hawaii for a "field trip" doesn't mean you can now submit you vacation images to the shows.)  Lastly, the field trip must be free except for entry/location/model fees, etc.  (You can't invite people to pay you to participate in your seminar/class, for instance, and call it a GPG field trip.)

Q: Got it.  How can I invite everyone?
A: You can send an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the details (maybe create a Google calendar event to share, etc.)  You can also create a facebook event and add GPG as a host.  We'll do our best to (re)post everywhere we can.

Q: What sorts of field trips work well?
A: Awesome locations, especially those to which you have unique access (what?!?  Your uncle owns an airplane hanger? ... your sister is an F-1 driver and you can get the group in the pits? ...your best friend in a lion keeper at the zoo?)

Moderator FAQ

Written by Rip Williams. Posted in FAQs

The GPG Moderator is an important logistical position.  The moderator's responsibilities include:

  1. Be on set from 5:30-11:30pm.
  2. Prepare the white-board schedule, clipboard, sign-in sheet, and GPG model releases for the evening.
  3. Verify the age of all attendees.
  4. Keep the schedule
    1. Keep pre-scheduled shoots on time
    2. Schedule "night of" shoots into any available slots
    3. Coordinate missing personnel (eg: models who have slots, but no photographer.)
    4. For each shoot:
      1. Ensure a model release is signed.
      2. Track all personnel involved in EVERY SHOOT.  HINT: Write the first and last name of everyone involved (Photographer, Model, MUA, Hair, Wardrobe, etc on the 1/2 GPG Release Form.  Have the model hold it for a picture (cell-phone is okay!)  This is used for image delivery later.
    5. Coordinate clean-up times and photographer setup/breakdown conversations.

Q: What should I bring"
A: At the very minimum, moderators should come prepared with writing utensils and a small notebook.

Membership Benefits & FAQ

Written by Rip Williams. Posted in FAQs

Q: How do I register for the website?
A: Click here to get started with the registration process.

Q: Why register for the website?  Is it required in order to attend the event?
A: Registration gives you real networking opportunities, including the ability to browse/search other members, etc.  Currently (9/2011) registration is not required in order to attend the event.  However, attending the event (at least occasionally) is required to be eligible to register!

Q: How much is registration?
A: Free.  Nada.  Zilch... just like the event.

Q: Registration seems to require somewhat "private" information.  What gives?
A: If your uncomfortable giving "private" information, consider that you would likely give this information to the other participants on a standard business card. Also, you are being given access to many thousands of dollars worth of equipment. We at GPG don't believe that wanting to know your real name, address and phone number is too much to ask. :-)

Q: Can I register with a moniker instead of my real name?
A: Nope.  Your real name is required for registration.  You can create a "username" os your moniker.  It's pretty hard to do real-world networking or hire someone you know in person if they're name is Jane Doe, but the website only knows them as "AwesomePrincess91."  The group is moderated, so only REAL LIFE participants in GPG can join or access the member directory.

Q: Cool.  I registered.  What happens next?
A: Once submitted, your account will be reviewed by our moderators to insure that you are a REAL LIFE participant in our group. Once approved, you will receive a confirmation email at your registration address.

Q: I'm having problems with the registration form.
A: The most common issue if forgetting to remove the text "Enter URL (or DELETE THIS TEXT!)" from one of the link fields.  If you continue to have difficulty, drop us a line!


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