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The Rules

Written by Rip Williams. Posted in FAQs

  2. EVERYONE works and learns for free.
  3. NO commercial work of any kind is allowed at GPG.
  4. We have ZERO TOLERANCE for physical violence, theft, drug use, underage drinking and other similar asshatting.
    1. A "GPG Moderator" is appointed each week.  The moderator is responsible for keeping the group on schedule, productive and on task.  Tools (provided) are: the mighty clipboard, wall schedule and dry-erase markers.  :-P  This job includes coordinating photographers, models, MUA's, hair, mentors, etc... as well as handling schedule changes, special requests, people on "standy," etc.  It's a perfect position if you're interested in Production Coordination, being a PA, and similar jobs.
    2. A lecture is usually presented weekly from 5:30-6:30pm.  Guest lecturers are welcome.
    3. Studio TIME SLOTS ARE 30 MINUTES LONG and are available from 6:30-11:30pm.  NOTE: The 8:00pm time slot is reserved for cleanup, meetings, etc (see #6).  MODELS AND/OR PHOTOGRAPHERS MAY BOOK SLOTS in person or ahead of time via the online booking system (you must be logged in.)
    4. All participants should be present at least 15 minutes before their scheduled time, or the time-slot may be forfeited to those on the waiting list.
    5. AFTER YOUR SHOOT: Photographers will PUT AWAY ANY PERIPHERAL EQUIPMENT and "reset" the studio as necessary prior to the next photographer's time slot.  Talk with the photographer who is next up, so you don't put away something they need.
    6. There will be NO OUTDOOR PHOTO SHOOTS after 10:00pm.
    7. There are no "closed/private sets" at GPG.  The whole point of the event is to watch, teach and learn!  The studio is available for rental if you require a "private set" for your shoot.  Contact Rip Williams for rental rates/details (this also goes for commercial work.)
    8. The EVENT IS OVER AT 11:30PM.  Please pack your gear and help get the studio back in order in a timely manner.  The gate is locked promptly at 12:00AM.  Attendees will not lollygag in the parking lot.
    9. Activities/attendees that are not DIRECTLY RELATED TO THE MISSION of GPG will be minimized.  (yes, we still celebrate birthdays, etc.)
    1. At 8:00pm
      1. The parking area, and all areas inside will be policed-up for trash and dishes.
      2. All trash will be taken out (quietly.)
      3. All dishes will be done (use plastic cups to minimize)
    2. At 11:30pm each week
      1. All gear will be organized and put away. (cameras, c-stands, flags, reflectors, gels, etc.)
      2. The lights/stands will be "soldiered" along the east wall of the studio.
      3. The backdrops will be rolled/folded and put away.
      4. The parking lot will be "policed" for cigarette butts and other trash.
      5. All trash will be removed from the space.
      6. The studio, lobby areas (and upstairs office/sitting-area, as necessary) will be SWEPT AND MOPPED.
  7. Attendees should PARK IN THE BACK LOT (on the east side of the property.)
  8. DO NOT MOLESTE AUTOMOBILES or other property that isn't yours (...Don't sit on them, place items, drinks, bags on them, etc, etc.)  Really, I have to say this?!?
  9. NOISE WILL BE KEPT TO NORMAL CONVERSATIONAL LEVELS at all times.  Music will be kept at low levels.
  10. There will be NO OUTDOOR NUDITY on the property.
  11. THE HALLWAYS ARE OFF-LIMITS unless you happen to live in the building.
  12. Smoking is allowed in the designated area only (south sideof lot, NOT next to the building.)
  13. ALL LOST AND FOUND ITEMS will be held for two weeks, then given to anyone who wants them or passed to charity.


Welcome aboard Brad & Jimmie, as well as South Of Heaven Photography, our newest sponsors!

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