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Q: How do I register for the website?
A: Click here to get started with the registration process.

Q: Why register for the website?  Is it required in order to attend the event?
A: Registration gives you real networking opportunities, including the ability to browse/search other members, etc.  Currently (9/2011) registration is not required in order to attend the event.  However, attending the event (at least occasionally) is required to be eligible to register!

Q: How much is registration?
A: Free.  Nada.  Zilch... just like the event.

Q: Registration seems to require somewhat "private" information.  What gives?
A: If your uncomfortable giving "private" information, consider that you would likely give this information to the other participants on a standard business card. Also, you are being given access to many thousands of dollars worth of equipment. We at GPG don't believe that wanting to know your real name, address and phone number is too much to ask. :-)

Q: Can I register with a moniker instead of my real name?
A: Nope.  Your real name is required for registration.  You can create a "username" os your moniker.  It's pretty hard to do real-world networking or hire someone you know in person if they're name is Jane Doe, but the website only knows them as "AwesomePrincess91."  The group is moderated, so only REAL LIFE participants in GPG can join or access the member directory.

Q: Cool.  I registered.  What happens next?
A: Once submitted, your account will be reviewed by our moderators to insure that you are a REAL LIFE participant in our group. Once approved, you will receive a confirmation email at your registration address.

Q: I'm having problems with the registration form.
A: The most common issue if forgetting to remove the text "Enter URL (or DELETE THIS TEXT!)" from one of the link fields.  If you continue to have difficulty, drop us a line!


Big ol' thanks to our newest sponsor ANDY MAYO, as well as photographer TONY GIANCOLA for beoming  GPG SUPPORTERS! Both ANDY and TONY have agreed to serve on the ADVISORY BOARD along with our newly appointed honorary member, JON COTTRELL.  You all rock!

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