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General FAQ

Written by Rip Williams. Posted in FAQs

Q: What is "Guerrilla Photo Group?"
A: Founded by Rip Williams in 2006, we're a FREE ongoing creative collaborative focused on making photographic art in a social, fun and safe environment.  In 2011, GPG expanded into a second "division" hosted by Steve Groves in Seattle, WA.  Both "divisions" are comprised of Photographers, Models, Make-Up Artists and Hair Stylists of skill levels - from working pros to people just getting started.

Q: Is there a schedule?  How does it work?
A: The doors open at 5:30pm.  A lecture is usually given from 5:30-6:30pm each week.  After that, the studio is booked in 30 minute time slots until 11:30pm (with a quick cleanup-break at 8:00pm.)  Sceduling requests are completed via the online scheduling form here (NOTE: you must be logged into the website.)

Q: Awesome.  What does it cost?
A: Nada.  Ziltch.  IT'S FREE.  Occasional attendees can contribute anytime to the "backdrop fund" if they choose to.  Regular attendees are encouraged (but by no means required) to contribute monthly (or even Sponsor) GPG!

Q: When and where is it held?
A: The original Albuquerque, NM  group meets every Wednesday from 5:30-11:30pm at Rip Williams Photography Studio (map).  The Seattle, WA group meets T.B.D. at T.B.D.

Q: Where should I park?
A: Parking is in the back lot on the east side of the property.

Q: Can anyone join?
A: We welcome almost any creative, energetic and interested adult who is into learning/teaching something related to photography, modeling, makeup/hair styling, set styling/production, etc.!

Q: Are there "rules" at this event?
A: Yes.  Read a complete list of the rules here.  The biggies are:

  1. Everyone who attends must be over 18.
  2. Everyone works and learns for free.
  3. Commercial work is not allowed (the group's resources can't be exploited for paying jobs of any kind.)
  4. We have zero tolerance for physical violence, drug use, underage drinking and other similar asshatting.

Q: What are the benefits of attending?
A: There are lots of them...

  1. Learning
  2. Teaching
  3. Creating Art
  4. Portfolio development
  5. Networking with other people in your field of interest.

Q: Can I just come and check it out (observe?)
Of course you can.  Please do.  Drop by and meet the group.  We're a friendly bunch! Once you've visited, we encourage you to get involved!

Q: Can I bring a friend?
Yep. Note, however, that space in the studio is limited, so groups of folks who aren't participating in shoots are discouraged (we have regular social meetups, BBQs, etc. for larger groups.

Q: Sounds fun!  Can I bring anything else?
 Come prepared to shoot, even if you don't plan to (i.e. always bring your "kit/gear!" More information about recommended "kits" can be found in the various FAQs. Additionally, t he group always welcomes things to share - beer and cupcakes seem to be the current favorites :-)

Q: I want to develop my portfolio.  Is this a good place to do it?
Yep.  That's why we're here... so everyone can build materials and refine their skills.

Q: Do you allow nudity?
A: Yes, tasteful nudity is allowed.  However, we insist that models and photographers treat each other with a very high degree of respect at all times.  Nudity is not allowed outdoors on the surrounding property.

Q: Do I get copies of the photos to use in my portfolio, on Facebook, etc?
A: Yep. Everyone involved (photogs, models, MUAs, stylists, designers,etc.) gets the photographer-selected images to use in their portfolios, etc.

Q: I'd like more information.  How do I make contact?
A: The FREE website registration lets you contact anyone directly via phone/email.  Alternately, drop us a line anytime: Albuquerque GPG or Seattle GPG.  

Q: I am a ___________ and am interested in more specifics.
A: Great!  Check out more FAQ's using the menu on the right!




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